Cherene Allen-Caraco, CEO

Our Team — Promise Resource Network Charlotte NC Cherene started Promise Resource Network (PRN) in 2006 in opposition to an illness-based mh/sa system that perpetuates dependency and low expectations. At that time, peer-run organizations were not funded or supported in NC, so when Cherene proposed starting an organization that is operated and staffed by people like herself who live in recovery, she did not have a “blueprint” to do so. She did, however, have the support of her local community to begin shifting toward a recovery-oriented system of care and employing among the most talented, skilled and knowledgeable recovery team to inform this transformation. Since the organization’s inception as Mecklenburg’s PROMISE, Cherene worked to advance recovery-based practices, policies, attitudes, and systems. Now as a national recovery consultant and CEO of PRN, Cherene combines her 26 years of personal recovery with her 20 years of professional experience in organization’s, programs and initiatives throughout the country and in Europe dedicated psychiatric rehabilitation, family preservation and reunification, self-determination, recovery, and peer support. Cherene is truly honored to be a part of a movement and an organization that embraces all people and creates opportunities for wellness, healing, and transformation.

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