Emily Lupsor

Greetings! My name is Emily and I am very excited to be part of the This Is My Brave Charlotte show! It is my mission to use my lived experience with the mental health system to unite our community around non-medical, holistic approaches to traditional mental health treatment. Aside from pursuits in mental health advocacy, I enjoy singing with the Charlotte Symphony Chorus, jogging (slowly), going to hear live music, and taking pictures of my big, adorable cat, Ivan. He, my boyfriend, and my parents are my biggest supports, and I am grateful for their love and encouragement in everything I do.

I have dealt with depression, anxiety, and self-injury throughout my life, however I don’t identify as “living with mental illness” because I don’t allow those labels define me. It is because of my experiences with mental health challenges that I decided pursue a career in social work.I never believed that my life’s journey would lead me here, however I feel a true calling to my work as a clinical social worker on an inpatient psychiatric unit. I get to use my history with the mental health system and my training in social justice to help others and their families get the support they deserve. I am so grateful!

This Is My Brave pulled me in because I LOVE all forms of storytelling. I love our ability as humans to connect and share from the heart. To make meaning from our suffering and make the world a better, more connected place to live. This is what I strive to do each day in my work by authentically engaging with the people I serve. I think it’s also what we ought to aspire in our neighborhoods and communities at large by showing love and kindness to those around us.

That’s what’s going to be so great about this show! We will be showering love, joy, raw emotion, and art in many forms down on our city. The cast of Brave represent so many diverse perspectives, and it is my hope that our stories will resonate with each and every member of the audience in some way. I hope that the audience will feel on a deep level that none of us are alone in our struggles, and that there is power and strength in sharing our experiences. And that despite instances of extreme adversity, hope and recovery are possible for everyone.

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