What We Do

PRN is a peer-run organization that employs people in recovery to partner with individuals, families, communities and organizations to advance recovery from emotional distress, mental health and substance use challenges.  We do this through a variety of initiatives that are aimed at developing a recovery-oriented behavioral health system in which recovery is valued, expected, supported and funded.

In addition to the supports offered through our Recovery Hub, PRN has several specialized peer programs that serve people throughout our community that include:

Shelter Plus Care (SPC) Peer Program:  This program provides SPC subsidy recipients in Mecklenburg County without Medicaid with supports to keep their house, build their financial knowledge, move off of SPC subsidy to having their own home, practicing skills needed to maintain their lease and their home, mentoring, emotional support and access to community resources.  Access to this program is through a SPC referral.

Men’s and Women’s Homeless Shelter Peer Program:  A team approach with Mecklenburg County, the Men’s Shelter, Anuvia, and Women’s Center of Hope has been established to offer comprehensive support options to men and women currently at one of the community shelters who are experiencing emotional distress and are in need of a variety of resources to move out of the shelter into a home.  PRN’s provides peer support from Peer Specialists that have experienced homelessness and have personally navigated community shelters and housing resources and have secured their own home and advanced their own recovery.  Referrals to this program are provided through the Mecklenburg County shelters.

Treatment Courts: PRN provides recovery education and peer support to individuals in adult and youth treatment courts as well as recovery training to treatment court staff, judges, district attorney, public defenders, treatment providers, probation officers and others involved in treatment court.  Peers in treatment court settings offer mentoring, support navigating the legal system, assistance with employment, recovery coaching, support with court and treatment requirements/recommendations, and helping people that are court involved with self-advocacy.  These Peer Specialists have personal experience with courts, incarceration, and other legal issues and provide mentoring from their own resiliency, recovery and healing.

Transition Aged Youth (TAY) Peer Support Pilot: PRN is in its second year of this pilot program, employing young adults with lived recovery, homelessness, and criminal or juvenile justice experience to work with other young people that are in similar situations.  The program is done in partnership with On-Ramp/The Relatives- homeless youth community resource center, Reid Park- education initiative and YFS- youth that are in and/or transitioning out of foster care.

Youth Treatment Court: Youth that are currently involved in treatment court due to a substance use related legal issue are provided with peer support in partnership with Behavioral Health Division- liaison for Reid Park, YFS and Youth Treatment Court sites and ParentVoice- MHA’s parent and youth support program.

presentation-page-widget-images-recovery-hubThe Recovery HUB offers a variety of recovery and wellness supports that are open to individuals with mental health and substance use challenges and their families as well as local service providers. The Hub is a walk-in, open access community resource located at 1041 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28205 that provides:

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PRN balances philosophy and recovery principles with research, evidence-based
practices and practical applications to increase knowledge
and expand recovery-based practices, policies, practices and processes.

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Get Involved!  Promise Resource Network is a prime example of Fostering Social Change.  Since 2006, PRN has played an integral role in the shift toward  recovery-oriented systems of care. Instead of perpetuating dependency and low expectations, PRN inspires hope and serves as a catalyst for personal greatness. Advocacy efforts in conjunction with supports, education and opportunities are connecting people to recovery supports while reducing the barriers of shame and discrimination.  You too can foster social change, by starting your own initiative or supporting existing efforts.  Click here to learn more.

It is a journey that is very personal and self defined.  To learn more click here.

PRN has been able to expand our reach in our local community due to the support of Mecklenburg County’s Behavioral Health Division. From PRN’s inception, Mecklenburg County has been a recovery champion, supporting the development of a peer-run organization when it was incredibly unpopular to do so. Mecklenburg County has served as a leader, demonstrating that recovery-based supports are crucial to a healthy community and that peer-run organizations are valued and effective.  It is with much gratitude that we share our appreciation of the “risk” they took to be the first to fund a peer-run agency in NC.  Thank you doesn’t even begin to express our gratitude.

~ The PRN Team

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