Jane Clark

Jane G. Clark – Thanks to the TIMB movement Jane gets to blend her professional and personal passion for mental health advocacy. Professionally, she is an award-winning certified substance use prevention specialist and has held leadership roles in the behavioral health field for over ten years. Personally, she is mother to an amazing kid with an autism spectrum diagnosis. Learning to be his mother helped Jane learn to how to break a cycle of shame about mental illness that had permeated her family system for generations. Herself, her brother, her mother, her paternal uncle, her paternal grandmother, and even her great-grandparents have been affected by society’s belief that having mental illness means something is “wrong” with a person. Feeling like you are a broken person makes it hard to reach out for help. But knowing that you are a person with a medical issue that needs treatment empowers you to ask and accept the many supports available. Mental illness is a medical issue; not a moral issue. Just ask her son.

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