Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Goals

  • To serve as a local Recovery resource, providing up to date information, training and individualized support to individuals in recovery, service providers, families and the community.
  • To invest in people with mental health and substance use challenges to move beyond their struggles, pursue their education and secure employment.
  • To coordinate resources, establishing a mental health network where service providers and individuals in recovery work together to support one another and share ideas.
  • To advocate for mental health state reform based on the principles of Recovery.
  • To make recommendations to local and state officials on ways to enhance the mental health system, making it “user friendly” and Recovery oriented.
  • To add to the breadth of research regarding the efficacy of the Recovery Model on mental wellness.
  • To provide HOPE that Recovery is possible.
  • To provide a forum for individuals in recovery to have a voice and influence mental health reform.
  • To recognize and highlight local agencies, professionals and peers who are leaders in Recovery.
  • Recovery from mental illness and addiction is not only possible, but with supports, education, and opportunities, can be a reality.
  • Partnership and collaboration produce more viable solutions for the individual and serve as a catalyst for sustainable social change in the community.
  • Providers and individuals benefit from the knowledge and unique perspective that can only be provided by someone with lived recovery experience who employs the evidence-based practices of Peer Support.

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