Sherry Crowell

Sherry Crowell –Born and raised in North Carolina and a diehard Carolina Panthers fan. Sherry has worked in the mental health field for over 15 years and has a daughter diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety and OCD. Having been on both sides not only working in the mental health field with assisting both providers and consumers Sherry also became a consumer 5 years ago when her daughter was first diagnosed which has given her a unique perspective of the issues those with mental illness face. Sherry has personally experienced the struggles people face in accessing services and the stigma around a mental health diagnosis. She is passionate about changing the culture around mental illness and providing support for not only those with mental illness but those that support people with mental illness. She shares her story with her coworkers, friends, family and everyone she comes across with similar experiences to raise awareness and bring a face to mental illness. In her own words “We need to treat mental illness as any other medical illness and not only support those with mental illness but also those who love and support someone with mental illness. Mental illness is not a scarlet letter but instead a red badge of courage”.

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