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presentation-page-widget-images-recovery-hubThe Recovery HUB offers a variety of recovery and wellness supports to individuals with mental health and substance use challenges and their families as well as local service providers.  The Hub is a walk-in, open access community resource where people also attend classes and groups Monday through Friday and the second Saturday of every month.

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Weekly recovery classes are offered at locations throughout our community and daily recovery classes are offered at the Recovery Hub. Classes are FREE (no cost, no insurance required) and help people incorporate the Eight Dimensions of Wellness into everyday habits that translate into longer and more fulfilling lives.  For our monthly calendar, click Recovery Hub Classes.

The Recovery Hub is located at 1041 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28205 and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

artboard-1Being in recovery from emotional distress, mental health and substance use challenges is about living your life and finding your own purpose and fulfillment despite having been labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis.  Peer Support can enhance the recovery journey as it is provided by others who are living in recovery who serve as a mentor and partner who offer their experience of hope, triumph, and resilience.

Certified Peer Support Specialists are living recovery and therefore can relate to many of the experiences and challenges that individuals may be confronting. Through their shared experiences, they have an understanding of each other and are able to create a mutually supportive relationship that is based on trust and respect.  Through this special relationship, individuals learn that though their illness is a part of their life, but their life is not their illness.

Peer Support can assist you with the following:

  • Finding an affordable home in Mecklenburg County
  • Providing you with information about the Shelter Plus Care subsidy and connecting you with support (*based on subsidy qualifications)
  • Building your financial knowledge, literacy and resources
  • Going back to school or work
  • Listening, supporting, mentoring around life challenges
  • Connecting you with local resources and services
  • Teaching you how to build your resilience and wellness self-management tools
  • Helping you develop your own wellness plan
  • Accompany you to AA, NA, support groups, medical and mental health appointments
  • Aiding you in applying for Medicaid, SSI and/or SSDI benefits
  • Learning the connection between physical health and emotional health

To get started or to make a referral, complete the Recovery Hub Interest and Referral form below.  You can also come to the Recovery Hub. No appointment is needed and EVERYONE is welcome! We are located at 1041 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28205.  You can also call us if you prefer an appointment or just want to get information at (704) 390-7709.

Visit Developing Organizations to learn more about the Peer Support profession.

NC has an unemployment rate of 85.2% for people labeled with mental health or substance use diagnosis. This is higher than the national average and PRN's Supported Employment Team is committed to reversing this trend while demonstrating that employment is a path to Recovery.

The Supported Employment Team is working to reverse this trend. The team works with people who have been labeled with mental health or substance use disorders and who have a criminal history and/or have experienced homelessness and/or hospitalizations.

PRN’s Supported Employment team is excited to be able to support our local businesses to connect with qualified, competent job candidates and job candidates with qualified, competent businesses.  To get started or to make a referral, complete the Recovery Hub Interest and Referral form below.

For more information, email

Please complete the form below or click here to download a copy.  This form is not required to attend Recovery Hub classes.

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